Thursday, March 10, 2011

night thoughts

Came across this photo few minutes ago (taken by my mother a year ago while visiting me) and realized I feel all like this in this period of time. 
Everything seems so beautiful and perfect on the background as the sunset, but then there is some unknown space like the ocean and you never see the end. And it feels I am really lost somewhere between two boats and should figure out which one will take me to that beautiful horizon and show me the wonderful world and made me discover myself more and more. But I am all out of focus - how can I make some decision if I can't even see myself? I can differ some parts of me, sometimes even see my face, but it's not the complete image.
Time - become my best friend and give me the courage to see the real me and step forward to my boat. 

March 11 night thoughts, 2011.
1.47 AM


  1. really love your blog!!
    beautiful post honey =P


  2. oh, hello girl from Spain! didn't know i have followers out there! :)

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